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Updated: Dec 25, 2022

5 Best Salesforce Features For Developers to Look in 2022

Salesforce's Spring '22 has just been released in April 2022. Now is an excellent time for a discussion on what Salesforce developers can look forward to in the rest of the year.

The Spring '22 release occurs three times a year like other Salesforce releases—contains several features that developers will like. We will go through a few of them, as well as some more features that are not specific to this edition but will be released later this year.


Foyer is a suite of developer tools that let businesses create Slack applications using their current Salesforce skills. It comes with an SDK for creating complicated experiences that extend Salesforce into Slack, as well as a service proxy that takes care of all the code plumbing for you so coding is not necessary here.

the foyer was initially announced in September 2021 during Dreamforce and is presently in closed beta. It will first be available to ISV partners for inclusion in their AppExchange packages, but now is the time to start planning with your administrators about how all of these Slack apps can help your company run more efficiently. UI test automation model

This was released in the spring and provides a more robust technique for creating automated user interface tests. Writing and managing these sorts of tests has been a complex process that needs the usage of third-party software and solutions.

UTAM promises to improve this by leveraging the popular Page Object Model design pattern which you might have observed if you have used Selenium for testing before. The Page Objects in UTAM are written in JSON, to move away from XPath locators instead of targeting DOM nodes using CSS. Lightning web security

Lightning Locker is a secure framework for Lightning components. By separating Lightning components belonging to one namespace from those belonging to another, Lightning Locker helps in increasing system security. By restricting access to just approved APIs and limiting access to non-public framework internals, Lightning Locker supports best practices that improve the maintainability of your code.

This new feature improves all of the security features that were previously accessible in Locker Service, but with a few essential modifications. Lightning web security is the answer to security issues like limited cross-component compatibility and a small number of Locker Service-compatible third-party JavaScript utilities. Flow trigger order

From a developer's perspective, the flow keeps on changing rapidly and there are still major parity gaps between flow and code. It should be taken more seriously in the future, and not neglected due to Apex without giving it a proper thought.


Salesforce Functions are now available to everyone. The comparatively expensive cost, as well as other factors, might be the reason for its slow adoption. I believe that functions are the key to simplifying many solutions, and a price reduction or remodeling will be done this year. You don't need a license to get started with Salesforce Functions; you can develop and test functions using the Salesforce Developer Tools right now. To get started on functions you will need a Developer Edition Org. You won't be able to distribute to a Compute Environment, call a function from Apex, or utilize the function's namespace in any Apex class. However, you can use the Salesforce SDK to create and execute a function in your local environment and access data from your org.

Utilize the Salesforce features for a better development experience

Each Salesforce update brings plenty of new features that developers and administrators would like to get the ball rolling on. All you need is a better grasp of these capabilities so you can put them to good use and increase your Salesforce productivity. If you are new to Salesforce development, Certified Salesforce experts can assist you to learn more about these new features and advancements. These capabilities will undoubtedly help you achieve your Salesforce development targets.

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